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Philadelphia Academy of Surgery

William H. Erb, M.D.

The Erb Lecture was endowed by William H. Erb, a former President of the Academy, in his Will and has been additionally supported by his son, William H. Erb, Jr., also a Fellow of the Academy. Dr. Erb directed that the endowment be used for education and it has been used to support an invited speaker to come to Philadelphia and present to the Academy.

2018-2019: Dr. Keith D. Lillemoe - "Prevention, Diagnosis and Management of Bile Duct Injuries: What’s new in 2019"

2017-2018: Dr. Ronald P. DeMatteo - "Gastrointestinal Stromal Tumor – Almost There"

2016-2017:  Dr. Kelly McMasters - "Advancements in the Treatment of Melanoma"

2015-2016: Dr. Philip Steven Barie - "125 Years of Therapy for Appendicitis: Still Unsure After All These Years?"

Dr. Robert Martindale - "Peri-Operative Optimization: Does It Really Improve Outcome?"

2013-2014: Dr. Stanley J. Dudrick - "A Half Century of Surgical Nutrition and Metabolism: History, Reflections, Perceptions, Controversies, and Challenges”

2012-2013: Dr. Bohdan Pomahac - "Facial Restoration by Transplantation"

2011-2012: Dr. Michael T. Longaker - "Reparative and Regenerative Medicine"

2010-2011: Dr. Glenn Steele, Jr. - "Re-Engineering Systems of Care - Surgical Leadership"

2009-2010: Dr. Steven Evans

2008-2009: Dr. Thomas Bauer

2007-2008: Dr. Richard M. Satava

2006-2007: Dr. James McGreevy / Dr. Pat Wade

2005-2006: Dr. Charles J. Yeo

2004-2005: Dr. Stanley J. Dudrick - "Review the History and Persistence and Ingenuity Required for the Development of TPN"

2003-2004: Dr. Thomas V. Whalen

2002-2003: Dr. L. D. Britt - "Graduate Medical Education at the Crossroads"

2001-2002: Dr. Gary Dunnington

2000-2001: Dr. Monica Morrow

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