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Philadelphia Academy of Surgery

Annual Surgical Trainee Paper Competition
Philadelphia Academy of Surgery

To honor the legacy of our late President, Chris Tzarnas, M.D., and made possible by the generous contributions of his family, friends, and colleagues; the Academy is pleased to announce the presentation of the 4th annual Chris Tzarnas Surgical Research Award in 2019. The Chris Tzarnas Surgical Research Award represents Dr. Tzarnas’ dedication to trainee education. This award will be presented annually to the 1st prize winner of the Surgical Paper Competition.

Past Chris Tzarnas Surgical Research Award Winners
2019 | Andrew Morgan, MD - Cooper University Hospital
2018 | Andrew Newton-University of Pennsylvania
2017 | Megan Lundgren-Thomas Jefferson University


The Annual Surgical Trainee Paper Competition.of the Philadelphia Academy of Surgery will be held on Monday, February 10, 2020 at the College of Physicians of Philadelphia. This year’s format will included oral and quick shot presentations.

Cash prizes will be awarded!

Both clinical and basic science work are welcome. Presentation at the Philadelphia Academy of Surgery need not preclude submission to other meetings or publication elsewhere. However, we do expect that the work will be original and that it will be substantially the work of the presenting trainee, who will be matriculated in an ACGME-accredited residency in surgery or a surgical sub-specialty, and that the work will not have been previously published. It is also expected that the trainee will be present at the February meeting to present his/her work.

We also allow medical students and trainees in surgical fellowships to compete.

The deadline for submission of abstracts for the Surgical Research Competition is Friday, December 27, 2019.

Electronic submission is encouraged, but not required.

The abstracts will be judged in a blinded fashion.

Abstract Submission Guidelines:

  1. Please submit your abstract to the Academy, by email at
  2. Click Here for submission form.
  1. Abstract submissions must be received by 5:00 PM, December 27, 2019.
  1. Email confirmations will be sent within 24 hours of your submission. If you do not receive the acknowledgment, please contact the Philadelphia Academy of Surgery via email at .
  1. Finalists will be notified via email after January 6, 2020
Accepted Oral Presentations:
  1. Oral presentations will be of 10 minute duration including questions and introduction.
  2. Oral presenters are required to submit their presentations (PowerPoint, etc.) prior to the meeting.
  3. Audiovisual equipment will be available.

Accepted Quick Shot Presentations:
  1. Quick Shot presenters are limited to five slides per presentation.
  2. Each presenter will have three minutes to speak to give a brief background of the topic.
  3. Audiovisual equipment will be available.